Tammy Le

My journey to Bikram yoga started with a pain in the knees.
 I had the option to either live with the pain, when too intense, appease it with pain killers, or consider surgery of the right knee.
My friend's advice, to me, in considering my options, was that in the matter of my own health, I am the pilot not the doctor.
 My decision was to give Bikram yoga a try: 5 days a week for a whole year.
That decision was life changing for me, a point of no return. Bikram yoga has inspired, enlightened and influenced me in so many
ways. I have become more patient and more understanding, while listening to others; it has also improved my mental health in a profound way. And the best of all.....my knees are pain free!I teach a class with clear dialogue encouraging each student to do the correct form for each posture, while providing support and discipline

Tammy Le is currently not instructing any classes.